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Welcome to the Marvel history and the Marvel world through the Marvel Contest of Champions mobile game. Heroes and Villains fight each other to help good win over evil. With great fighting action involving Iron Man, Spider-Man and Wolverine, you can make your heroes fight according to your strategic plan and battle strategies. Work as a team with your favorite hero characteristics to defeat the villains and their vicious plans. To play as a team, you can join along with your friends and create a strong alliance to plan good strategies and keep the heroes in their winning streak. When you play the Alliance Wars, you can battle out wars with Alliances on a global foot. Gathering Alliance rewards by winning Alliance Events and Alliance Quest by searching through maps and contours gives a lot of fun and excitement. It is only through master plans that you can prevent the destruction of the Marvel World.

Super Heroes to the Rescue

Your weapons in the Marvel Contest of Champions mobile game are your heroes like Star-Lord, Storm, Hulk, Iron Man, Wolverine, Spider-Man, Magneto, Deadpool and Winter Soldier. When you manage your team well, you can use your heroes and villains to obtain bonus that you can collect and level up. You will have to get a good collection of super heroes and villains to obtain special moves as powerful Champions have better abilities and stats. There are new Champions for every contest and you can use them too, to play in the game of war and victories.

Latest Updates

The News and Announcements in the Marvel Contest of Champions mobile game help to get latest updates about the team. The Alliances Forum helps you to recruit Alliance players. All your strategies can be shared with other players while you can also do general discussion about the Contest of Champions. All events and contests can also be got regarding Alliance Events, Arenas, Special Quests and other such details. It is an exciting journey that each quest and battle is framed of. With your array of heroes and villains, you can fight your battles all around the Marvel Universe. You have great locations like The Savage Land, the Kyln, The Avengers Tower, Asgard and many more to pick great fights and implement your strategies with the best military strategy ever made. Each mobile platform has its own controls and you can use them to the best ability to explore great quest maps.

As a free game, young teens love the mobile fighting game. The game requires strategies and blocking and dodging to keep up the tempo of the game. With resources like crystals, units and gold you can update your super heroes and win many fights and get more energy. If you are new to the game, you can also make use of marvel content of champions cheats to get the gold, units and crystals for free and proceed with the game with more power and strength.

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